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Managing Leukaemia: Diet that can help
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Managing Leukaemia: Diet that can help

Leukaemia is a malignancy that develops in the blood-forming cells that are primarily found within the bones. Experts specializing in bone marrow transplant in Gurgaon suggest that there are several different types of leukaemia, some found predominantly in adults while others are more common in children. In the majority of cases, it is the white blood cells that are affected. Leukaemia usually affects elderlies above 55 years of age and children who have not crossed 15 years of age. In India, it is one of the leading causes of mortality, with nearly 1 lakh people diagnosed with the condition every year.

How does Leukaemia spread?

It all starts with a single cell, which starts to multiply uncontrollably owing to certain genetic mutations. Leukaemia cells are not developed properly and unlike many other malignancies, these do not accumulate to form a tumour. The cancerous cells gradually start replacing the healthy ones and as they have a longer time span than the latter, but serve no purpose. These cells do not allow the growth and development of healthy blood cells. White blood cells are also responsible for building your immunity. As per the top BMT surgeons in Gurgaon, when these are affected, your body’s ability to fight diseases and infections is lowered significantly. The excess abnormal cells make it difficult for healthy cells to receive oxygen and nutrients.

Choosing the right meals

Although there are a number of treatment modalities available for the management of leukaemia, a healthy and nutritious diet can help to enhance the recovery process and make it easier to alleviate the symptoms. The diet plan for every patient may vary but there are certain things that can benefit anyone. We have listed these with the help of the best doctors in Gurgaon.

  • Stay Hydrated - Keeping yourself properly hydrated can benefit you in multiple ways. It helps to improve blood circulation making it possible to carry oxygen and nutrient to all parts of the body. Drinking water also helps to boost your immunity, making it easier to fight infections.
  • Proteins - There are many foods enriched with proteins that you can add to your diet. The amino acids present in these serve as the building block that helps to repair the bones and muscles that have been damaged due to age-related wear and tear. So, it's recommended to eat meat, fish, eggs and nuts as all of these are rich in proteins.
  • Whole Grains - There is nothing denying the fact that whole grains are loaded with essential nutrients and the best part about these is that you can add them to any type of meal. There are so many mouth-watering recipes that you can try to treat your palate regularly.
  • Fresh fruits and veggies - There is nothing as healthy as fresh fruits and veggies as these are packed with important nutrients and have countless benefits. You can use the fruits to make smoothies, and salads or add them to your cereals. Veggies can be taken in cooked form or as salads.
  • Probiotics - These are known to aid in the digestion of food by providing a healthy environment for the microbiome that is present in your stomach. These help to break down food more efficiently.

Foods to avoid

Also, there are several foods that you need to avoid. These are:

  • Strictly refrain from having raw meat and fish and cook your meals properly
  • Do not eat eggs that have not been cooked properly
  • Avoid drinking milk that has not been pasteurized properly
  • Fruits and veggies that have not been cleaned properly

To know more about leukaemia and the various treatment options available for it, consult the experts from the best hospital in Gurgaon today.

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