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Sanar International Hospitals

Founded by Mr. Naresh Kapoor in the year 2018, Sanar International Hospital offers comprehensive advanced surgical care in over 15 Specialties.
Covering Cancer, Heart, Bones and Nervous System along with other major healthcare departments with advanced state-of-the-art facilities it establishes itself as a Centre of excellence.

World-class infrastructure, team of experienced surgeons, doctors and nursing staff are making a mark not only amongst domestic patients but also making it a preferable choice for the patients from other countries. Our skilled faculty is on numerous medical clinical & advisory boards and lecture nationally & internationally on a regular basis.

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Our doctors pen down their research findings and experiences from time to time. Their words provide deep insight into the latest techniques, technologies and other advancements in healthcare. It provides expert answers to all kinds of health questions for real-life issues.


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Since the day of its foundation, Sanar International Hospitals is committed to provide comprehensive healthcare services. It regularly organizes awareness programs in its premises and encourages outdoor healthcare activities and camps with an intent to put focus on preventive healthcare.


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Confirmation is the key, especially when it comes to healthcare and second opinion can help you in making informed decision along with other treatment options which you may not be aware were available and which may change the diagnosis.

Feel free to connect with our concerned specialists in person or virtually.

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