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Have high blood pressure? Here is what every heart expert wants you to know
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Have high blood pressure? Here is what every heart expert wants you to know

Hypertension or high blood pressure is a very common problem affecting adults worldwide. It is marked by an increase in the pressure of blood flowing through your blood vessels, which puts an additional strain on them. Hypertension happens to be a leading risk factor for many heart problems and has also been linked with the elevated risk of stroke. Fortunately, most of these can be prevented as blood pressure is easily manageable with simple lifestyle modifications, dietary changes and medication. Yet many people find it difficult to control their blood pressure levels. This could be due to the lack of proper awareness. In this blog, we have listed some simple yet effective things that can help you maintain healthy blood pressure, with the help of experts specializing in cardiac surgery in Gurgaon.

  • Make your everyday choices carefully - If people just realize how their normal day-to-day routine affects their overall health, managing diseases and ailments would be much easier. Every small decision that you take, whether it is related to your diet, smoking, drinking, sleeping and so on, is going to make a great impact on your blood pressure. So make sure you make choices that benefit you and help you keep your blood pressure on the lower side of the scale.
  • Kick the stress - The more we humans are progressing, the more life is becoming stressful. However, we seldom realize how this stress is affecting our overall health. Increased levels of stress hormones in the body can cause your blood pressure levels to spike up. The best cardiologist in Gurgaon suggests that it is very important to manage your stress and this can be done with meditation, yoga and counselling.
  • Practice mindful eating - Don't just choose a diet that fills your stomach but also one that benefits your health. Experts usually recommend a DASH diet to patients suffering from hypertension. This involves food items that are rich in protein in fibre while avoiding those that contain saturated fat and cholesterol. Replace sweets and bakery items with fresh vegetables and fruits.
  • Go a little less salty - Eating food without salt seems no less than punishment but when you have blood pressure the same can prove to be a boon for you. A high intake of sodium can drastically increase your blood pressure and you should make sure that your daily sodium intake does not cross 1,500 mg. The best possible way to make sure that you do not cross this mark is by avoiding canned foods as they contain salt as a preservative.
  • Don't give in to your sweet tooth - We, in India, believe that every meal is incomplete without a sweet dish. From gulab jamun to ladoo and rasgulla to halwa, when these are in front of your eyes, it is very hard to resist. However, extra sweetness also means extra risks of cardiovascular ailments and this also holds the potential of worsening your blood pressure. Hence, you need to cut down not on you on the consumption of sugar but also on other items that contain it, like chocolates, sweets, cookies, soda, etc
  • Keep a track of your blood pressure - Monitoring your blood pressure on a daily basis can help you understand if you are going in the right direction. You can maintain a record of regular blood pressure readings in share them with your doctor. Experts from the best hospital in Gurgaon suggest that regular blood pressure monitoring can help them plan the treatment better and make it possible to manage the patient's blood pressure more efficiently

If you wish to know more about blood pressure management or want to seek expert guidance, you can consult the experts from the best hospital in Gurgaon today.