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Are your habits putting your heart at a risk?
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Are your habits putting your heart at a risk?

The recent spike in heart problems has been tremendously alarming and the topic has gained immense attention worldwide, especially after the shocking demise of many renowned celebrities. Despite all the innovative treatments and leading-edge modalities, cardiovascular deaths happen to be a leading cause of mortality worldwide. Have you ever wondered why? Could it be possibly due to something that we are doing wrong? Well, knowingly or unknowingly, the habits that we indulge in on a daily basis could be putting our hearts at a risk and it is high time that we learn about these habits and change them before it is too late. In this blog, we have listed some such habits that could be negatively affecting your heart and making it more vulnerable to serious diseases and ailments, with the help of experts from the best cardiac centre in Gurugram.

Sitting in one place

With the advent of various technological advancements, life has become much easier. Most of the tasks can be done with a single click of the finger. However, we cannot simply ignore the negative impact of the same. The more we scroll the internet, the less we use our legs. Life has become sedentary to the extent that it has started affecting our heart health. The scenario further worsened during the Lockdown period as it became yet another excuse for people to justify their inactive lifestyle. And it is not just adults, but even teenagers and small kids who are spending most of their time sitting in one place, irrespective of whether they are studying or watching television. Inactivity promotes the growth and development of plaque in the blood vessels. Top cardiologists in Gurugram suggest that this gradually leads to the development of atherosclerosis which is a leading risk factor for coronary artery diseases and heart attacks.

Spending time alone

It is often said that stress is bad for the heart but did you know that the same holds for loneliness as well? It may seem surprising, but it is true. A strong link has been found between social isolation and increased risks of heart disease. In fact, such people face 29 per cent higher risks of having a heart attack and 32 per cent higher risks of suffering a stroke. Now, the question is, how does this happen? The answer is very simple when you are spending most of your spare time with your family and friends, your chances of indulging in unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking and following an inactive lifestyle are significantly low. But, when you are alone, you resort to these habits more often. Spending time with the people you love also helps to keep stress away, however, when you are alone, you get enough time to think about things that make you stress unnecessarily.

High intake of salt

It is a well-known fact that high sodium consumption can elevate the risks of heart problems. Yet people don’t think twice before adding salt to their food. Experts from the best hospital in India suggest that high salt intake not only puts you at an increased risk of hypertension but can also result in heart failure. When you eat something salty, it promotes water retention that shows up in the form of bloating and puffiness. You must be wondering how much salt is too much, and the best way to find out is by looking for symptoms like increased thirst, swelling in the hands and feet, headache and elevated blood pressure. However, we suggest that instead of waiting for the symptoms you should act fast and cut down on your salt intake, because, even if your food tastes a little bland, it isn’t at least harming your heart.

If you want to know more about the habits that can affect your heart and make it unhealthy, consult the experts from the best hospital in India today.

Daily Exercise:

Drop the idea of sedentary lifestyle and exercise 5 times a week and 35 minutes per day. An active lifestyle is the key to better heart health. Diet alone does not suffice unless complemented with good amount of exercise.

Dr. Dixit Garg, 
Consultant, Interventional Cardiology

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