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Physiotherapy And Rehabilitation

The aim of physiotherapy and rehabilitation is to improve the quality of the patient’s life by enhancing their mobility, joint flexibility, range of motion and strength. It involves various exercise regimens and therapeutic sessions that aid in the swift and holistic recovery of the patient. Every plan is personalised to meet the special needs and requirements of the patients, with the aim of restoring function and helping them get back to a normal life.

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation play a vital role in almost all orthopaedic treatments. Physiotherapy involves a wide spectrum of physical activities and exercises that help to restore the structure and function of the affected body part to maximum capacity. It is usually recommended for patients who are experiencing a limited range of motion owing to an injury, trauma, degenerative joint disease, surgery or any other medical condition. Physiotherapy works by identifying the underlying factors that are affecting mobility and targets them through a personalised exercise programme.

Rehabilitation is central to every orthopaedic recovery programme, especially those following a trauma or surgery. It uses various non-surgical approaches to address the musculoskeletal limitations of the patients and focuses on alleviating pain, swelling and other related symptoms. Rehabilitation may be recommended for conditions affecting the bones, muscles, ligaments, joints and other parts of the musculoskeletal system. 

What are the most common physiotherapy techniques?
Some of the most common physiotherapy techniques include:  
●    Electrotherapy, which uses special electrodes to deliver electrical stimulation for enhancing mobility and range of motion
●    Exercises, which are personalised to address specific problems like reduced mobility, limited range of motion, stiffness and reduced circulation
●    Soft tissue mobilization, which involves special massages to alleviate pain and swelling
●    Cryotherapy and heat therapy, which help to relieve stiffness and soreness with the application of heat or cold to the affected area
●    Kinesio taping, which helps to enhance stability without interfering with the range of motion

What does an orthopaedic rehabilitation programme involve?
An orthopaedic rehabilitation programme is a comprehensive plan that involves the following:
●    PT or physical therapy, which predominantly focuses on enhancing strength and mobility via strength training, massage, heat/cold therapy, electrical stimulation, stretching and similar means 
●    OT or occupational therapy, which aims at restoring your ability to perform normal day-to-day activities by breaking down tasks and using adaptive equipment
●    Sports rehabilitation, that primarily aims at helping athletes and sportsmen get back on the field, following a sports injury

What are the most common types of orthopaedic rehabilitation?
Depending upon the injury and the body part involved, orthopaedic rehabilitation can be of the following types:
●    Ankle rehab for conditions like sprain, Achilles tendon fracture, or after undergoing ankle replacement 
●    Back rehab for conditions like spinal fractures, and herniated discs, or after undergoing a back surgery
●    Hip rehab for conditions like fractures or post undergoing hip replacement 
●    Knee rehab for conditions like dislocation, ACL, or after a knee replacement surgery 
●    Shoulder rehab for conditions like rotator cuff tear or following a shoulder replacement 
●    Wrist rehab  for conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome 

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