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Emergency & Ambulance Services

Emergency & Ambulance Services

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Department of Emergency & Ambulance Services

Emergency care and rapid ambulance service are two fundamental parts of a healthcare institution. SHALBY Sanar International Hospitals’ world-class ambulances with ACLS set-up and round-the-clock availability offer bigger clinical mobility solutions. Our emergency physicians and paramedical personnel are ACLS trained and can independently provide care in emergencies with:

  • Stabilization and rapid movement to the hospital for polytrauma patients.
  • Rapid transport for patients with acute emergencies like myocardial infarction, acute respiratory distress, etc.
  • Rapid and safe transport of mothers in labour.
  • Air Ambulance services for transport for inter-city/inter-state/ international movements.
  • Timely resuscitation of patients with life-threatening conditions

The department is a specialized branch concerned with the quick diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment of life-threatening medical problems. Due to the unplanned nature of patient attendance, the hospital is equipped with cutting-edge medical equipment, skilled manpower, and specialties for the acute care of patients who arrive without a prior appointment, either by their own transportation or by ambulance. The department provides a systematic approach to treating trauma patients with adherence to a 24-hour state of readiness, backed by skilled physicians and nurses trained to handle emergency medical circumstances in the quickest feasible time.

Emergency and Trauma Care Services:

Emergency and Trauma Care is a specialty in itself that provides rapid prehospital treatment and intervention for severe illnesses and injuries, as well as safe transportation to definitive care. It is prepared and staffed to care for patients who have suffered serious traumatic injuries as a result of falls, accidents, or time-critical health issues.

The department also handles critical patient transport by providing land and air ambulance services, and it serves as the disaster management node.

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What emergency services are available at Sanar International Hospitals?

Sanar International Hospitals offers a comprehensive range of emergency services, including immediate response to trauma, cardiac arrest, stroke, and other life-threatening conditions. The hospitals is equipped with advanced medical technology and a team of skilled professionals to provide timely and effective care.

How quickly can the ambulance service at Sanar International Hospitals respond to an emergency call?

The ambulance service at Sanar International Hospitals is known for its rapid response time. The hospital’s ambulances are strategically located to ensure they can reach patients as quickly as possible in case of an emergency.

What kind of medical equipment is available in the ambulances of Sanar International Hospitals?

Ambulances at Sanar International Hospitals are equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment, including defibrillators, ventilators, and advanced life support tools, to provide immediate medical care during transportation to the hospitals.

Does Sanar International Hospitals have a specialized trauma team?

Yes, Sanar International Hospitals has a dedicated trauma team comprised of specialists in emergency medicine, surgery, anaesthesiology, and other critical areas, ready to provide comprehensive trauma care.

Can Sanar International Hospitals handle emergency surgeries?

Sanar International Hospitals is fully equipped to handle emergency surgeries. The hospitals have advanced operating rooms and a team of experienced surgeons capable of performing a wide range of emergency procedures.

Is there a dedicated emergency department for children at Sanar International Hospitals?

Yes, Sanar International Hospitals has a specialized paediatric emergency department, staffed with paediatricians and nurses trained to address the unique needs of children in emergency situations.

How does Sanar International Hospitals ensure the quality of its ambulance services?

Sanar International Hospitals ensures the quality of its ambulance services by maintaining a fleet of well-equipped ambulances, staffed by trained paramedics and emergency medical technicians, and by regularly updating their skills and equipment.

Are there facilities for cardiac emergencies at Sanar International Hospitals?

Sanar International Hospitals is well-equipped to handle cardiac emergencies, with a dedicated cardiology team, advanced cardiac care units, and the latest in diagnostic and treatment technology.

How does the emergency department at Sanar International Hospitals handle stroke patients?

The emergency department at Sanar International Hospitals has a streamlined protocol for stroke patients, including rapid assessment, imaging facilities like CT scans and MRIs, and immediate intervention by neurologists and stroke specialists.

What support services are available for families of patients in the emergency department at Sanar International Hospitals?

Sanar International Hospitals provides support services for families, including counseling, information updates, and comfortable waiting areas, ensuring they are well informed and supported during their time at the hospitals.

Is telemedicine available for emergency consultations at Sanar International Hospitals?

Yes, Sanar International Hospitals offers telemedicine services for emergency consultations, allowing for remote diagnosis and treatment advice by specialists when immediate physical consultation is not possible.

How are emergency cases prioritized at Sanar International Hospitals?

At Sanar International Hospitals, emergency cases are triaged based on the severity of the condition, ensuring that patients with the most critical needs receive immediate attention.

Does Sanar International Hospitals provide emergency ambulance services outside the city limits?

Sanar International Hospitals’ ambulance service extends beyond the city limits, providing emergency medical care and transportation for patients from surrounding areas.

What measures does Sanar International Hospitals take to ensure patient safety during emergency care?

Sanar International Hospitals prioritizes patient safety by adhering to strict protocols, using advanced medical equipment, and having a team of skilled professionals dedicated to providing the highest standard of emergency care.

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