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Winter and Joints: Tips to keep the pain away
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Winter and Joints: Tips to keep the pain away

Winters are almost here and most of us have already started with the preparations. Winter is a much-awaited season for many reasons, primarily because it gives relief from the scorching heat of the summer sun. However, there are many people for whom winter is no less than a nightmare. Wondering why? Because of their joints. We all know that the incidence of joint pain tends to significantly increase during the winter as the cold is likely to aggravate the symptoms of various joint diseases and ailments like arthritis.

With over 1 million people affected with it in India alone, arthritis is a widely prevalent problem, that can drastically impact the quality of the patient's life. As per the best orthopaedic surgeons in Gurgaon, the number of patients seeking treatment for joint pain is significantly high in winter as compared to the summer season. Let's try to understand why.

Winter and your joints

Overexposure to cold, which is quite common in the winter season, can lead to the worsening of arthritis symptoms. This is due to our body's heat conservation system, as a result of which the blood circulation is mostly directed towards the organs that are present in the torso, such as the heart and the lungs. As, this happens there is restricted blood flow to other areas such as the upper and the lower limbs, resulting in stiffness and discomfort. Experts from the top joint surgery hospital in Gurgaon suggest that this can flare up arthritis symptoms.

Luckily, there are several things that you can do to keep the joint pain away and make your winter memorable. We have mentioned some of the most common of these with the help of experts from the best hospital in Gurgaon.

Keep moving - One of the biggest mistakes that we tend to make during the winter season is that we limit our physical activities. Most of us spend our days sitting under a blanket and go out only when there's some work to do. It is important to understand that staying physically active is not just an option but a necessity to keep your joints healthy. If you think that sitting in one place is going to help, you are mistaken. It is quite natural to feel demotivated and more inclined towards staying indoors, but you need to fight the urge and make sure that you are keeping your joints moving. You do not necessarily need to join a gym or indulge in rigorous physical activities. A good walk of about 30 minutes is enough to keep the pain away.

Do not gain weight - If you ask a weight lifter they are definitely going to say that winter is all about bulking but when it comes to people with joined issues it is always better to stay lean. Watch out for those extra pounds and make sure they are always under control. People usually tend to gain weight during the winter season and this is likely to put an additional strain on their knee and hip joints. The best way to keep your weight under the control is by intelligent and more and more physical activities and keeping a track of your meals making you are not missing out on any important nutrients.

Dress appropriately - Do your best to keep your joints warm and there is no better way to do it than by covering yourself with warm and cosy clothes. Don't dress to impress but rather to protect yourself from the cold. So bundle up with warm sweaters and jackets and don't forget socks, a muffler and a cap. It is believed that keeping your feet warm can help you to preserve your body heat which will again help to alleviate joint pain.

If your joint pain is becoming unbearable and you need expert advice related to how you can manage it more effectively, consult the experts from the best hospital in Gurgaon.

Dr. Rohit Lamba, Head of the Department & Senior Consultant

Bone, Joint Replacement And Orthopaedics

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