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Stroke rehabilitation: Make your journey easy with these tips
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Stroke rehabilitation: Make your journey easy with these tips

Stroke is a potentially life-threatening and debilitating condition that can give rise to severe mental and physical impairments. Even after the treatment, many people have to face challenges in their day-to-day lives. Experts from the best neurosurgery hospital in Gurgaon suggest that proper rehabilitation can help to reverse some of the damage and improve the quality of the patient's life to a great extent. The journey can be overwhelming and it may take a couple of months or even years. Your doctors and physiotherapists with guide you on every step but they cannot help you unless you are mentally prepared to give your best in each step of the process.

Here are a few things that can help you walk on the journey to a better life, once you are back to your home post-stroke treatment.

Know how your brain heals - We all know that liver cells are capable of healing themselves, but did you know that brain cells can do the same? Yes, you read that right. It is all based on the phenomenon of neuroplasticity and although the concept is debatable, many experts are of the opinion that the activities that you indulge in on a daily basis can help to boost this phenomenon and help your brain to heal to some extent.

Practice makes you perfect - When you learn any new skill, it takes both time and practice. Even when we learn to write as a kid, it takes a lot of time. This also happens when you learn to ride a bike or paint a picture. Once you get hold of it, your focus is on improving and outdoing how you did last time. The same thing happens during the course of rehabilitation. You may not succeed in the very first go but you are moving in the direction of improvement with every passing day. Even if you are not able to see the results initially, stay consistent and try to strive for better.

Don't ignore your nutrition - The best neurologists in Gurgaon suggest that proper nutrition and healthy eating habits can aid in the rehabilitation and recovery of stroke patients. The focus should not only be laid on what to eat, but also on what you need to avoid. You need to lower the consumption of saturated fats and sugar while including more whole foods in your diet. Make sure that your regular vitamin requirement is being met as these are very important for your recovery, so plan your diet and such a way that it is loaded with the same.

Don't let the speed of your recovery discourage you - Different people tend to heal at different paces. For instance, if someone recovers in a year, it does not mean that you will take this same time. It can either be less or more depending upon your overall prognosis, consistency, determination, the extent of damage and the age of the patient. Some patients might even hit a plateau, which means that they will have a phase when they will not notice any improvement, despite giving their best. This is temporary and can be overcome with consistency.

Push yourself to use your limbs - When we have an injury in any of our arms or legs, we tend to use that limb a little less, initially for avoiding the pain and gradually it becomes unintentional and psychological. If you keep doing this for a very long period of time, your brain will somehow forget how to use that lame and you will need proper rehabilitation to get it back in shape. If any of your limbs have been affected by the stroke, try to use them as much as you can. Passive movement can help your brain to retain limb function and your physiotherapy sessions will be more effective.

Don't stick to the same rehabilitation method - Now that you have opted for rehabilitation, don't take to the same routine and experiment with different techniques in methods. There are so many different and effective modalities that can help you such as gait training and electrical stimulation. You can find the best hospital in Gurgaon offering all these facilities under one roof. Add the element of fun to your recovery journey by experimenting.

If you wish to know more about stroke rehabilitation, consult the best neurologists in Gurgaon to get all the assistance and guidance you need.

Dr. Sunil Singla, Director and Head of the Department


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