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Managing Back Pain: Tips that can help
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Managing Back Pain: Tips that can help

Back Pain is a very common problem experienced by a lot of people nowadays, and this includes youngsters and small children as well. Frequent back pain can interfere with your ability to indulge in normal day-to-day activities, thereby drastically impacting the quality of your life. Experts from the top orthopaedics hospital in Gurgaon suggest that there can be multiple reasons responsible for your back pain and your daily lifestyle might be contributing to it.

Here are some tips that can help you to manage back pain at home, as listed by the best orthopaedics doctors in Gurgaon:

  • Follow an active lifestyle and routine- Many people have this misconception that you need to take bed rest when you are experiencing back pain. It is high time we break this myth and lay emphasis on the importance of staying active in the effective management of back pain. Try your best to keep up with your daily activity level, while making sure that you are not existing too much or putting a lot of unnecessary strain on your back. The best way to do so is by going out for a walk and you should step into your walking shoes more often. This can help to strengthen the muscles surrounding your spine.
  • Stretch a little- Simple stretching exercises can help to enhance your core strength which, in turn, helps to provide better support to your back. Although your focus is to improve your strength and flexibility, it is important to ensure that all the exercises that you are indulging in are age appropriate. You should try yoga and pilate as these are recommended by experts worldwide. Also, do not forget to warm up before you perform any such exercise.
  • Maintain a good posture- Lifestyle, nowadays, is such that we spend most of the time in front of the laptop screen or on the desk, trying to meet deadlines, be it related to office work or any school/college assignment. Many people tend to develop the habit of slouching, which can put an unnecessary strain on your back. It is very important to maintain the right posture, whether you are sitting, standing or even sleeping.
  • Get rid of those extra pounds- Obesity is a problem that affects a huge chunk of the population in our country and the incidence is increasing at an alarming rate. The extra pounds that you are carrying put a direct load on your back increasing the wear and tear. This is the reason why obese people are highly susceptible to back pain and related problems. It is very important to keep your weight under check by following a healthy lifestyle and developing mind-full eating habits.
  • Avoid smoking- A lot of you must be wondering what could possibly be the relationship between back pain and smoking. Well, you will be surprised to note that smoking has been linked with increased risks of the degenerative disc disease and other spine problems. The chemicals and toxins that you inhale while smoking can damage the spine, as well as the spongy disks that are present in it.
  • Hot or cold therapy- Experts from all the leading hospital in Gurgaon recommend their patients go for hot or cold therapy. Cold therapy can help to reduce inflammation and swelling, which in turn helps to alleviate the pain. Heat therapy is best for relaxing your muscles.

Try these tips if you have been experiencing that late and consult an expert in the field if it still continues to persist. Nowadays, a lot of treatment options and therapeutic modalities are available that can help to treat back pain. Don’t ignore the problem for too long and seek immediate medical help for a better quality of life.

Dr. Rohit Lamba, Head of the Department & Senior Consultant

Bone, Joint Replacement And Orthopaedics

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