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Is your fitness pattern affecting your heart health?
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Is your fitness pattern affecting your heart health?

The door to a healthy heart opens through adequate exercise and a healthy diet. While obesity,sedentary lifestyle, and unhealthy patterns causeheart ailments, it is hard to believe that over-exercise can also majorly affect our heart functioning. For the past few years, heart attacks among “young and fit people” are widely being discussed, even recent news reports about many fit and inspiring celebrities experiencing cardiac attacksare also adding to this apprehension. This heart health associationwith exercise is something that needs to be evaluated and understood by the masses. So, what is the right way to ensure better heart health?

Too much exercise or going beyond the physical ability potentially puts stress onblood vesselsresponsible for the pumping of the heart, the same condition alsoaffects BP (Blood Pressure) and causes irregular heartbeats which are one of the major causes of sudden heart attacks despite rigorous exercise. The blood flow to the heart muscle only majorly happens when heart relaxes and so if the heart rate goes too fast in vigorous activities can lead to heart attack. Hence our exercises patterns need to be monitored and causes of heart attacks should also be evaluated. There are some key points that clear the clouds: -

  • Wide range of causes: - every person’s causes of ailments may differ from the others, hence judging one’s illness and assuming is not wise. An apparent muscle builder’s heart attack experience doesn’t justify unhealthy patterns. We all live different lives, deal with different sets of problems andfollow different work schedules. Apart from those Hereditary reasons and unmanaged stress can also affect heart health.
  • Unrealistic fitness expectations: - going by today’s social media trend, some of the “unhealthy patterns to stay healthy” are leading to unnecessary force on youth to achieve an “attractive body”. Leaving behind the idea of healthy living at times many young people take it to the level of hurting themselves, which is simply not right. Give yourself time instead of rushing for “six-pack abs” in a few days.It is to be carefully noted that unaccustomed activity that is more than ones capabilities can lead to trouble, any exercise has to be preluded by a proper warm up. 
  • Supplements: - adding to the point mentioned above taking unnecessary supplements without proper consultation leavesa larger impact on heart and kidney health. Many people regular with their gym schedule take such supplements and put their heart health at risk.

Fitness patterns should not be forced into one’s life. Relook your exercise schedule, get some basic health check-ups done, review underlying causes if there are any, then as per the concerned doctor’s advice plan your diet and exercise and manage your stress level. Be fit and wise.

Dr. D.K. Jhamb, Director & Head of the Department

Interventional Cardiology

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