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Have a Kidney Disease? These foods can benefit you
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Have a Kidney Disease? These foods can benefit you

Medicines, therapies and surgical interventions can help to manage chronic kidney diseases but these are not always enough. Sometimes, you need to go the extra mile to make sure that your kidneys are healing well and that they are not at risk of developing any such problem in future. The best way to do it is by making healthy changes in your diet, including foods that would benefit your kidneys, as well as your overall health and excluding those that can harm them. In this blog, we have listed some such food that is extremely beneficial for your kidneys, with the help of the experts specializing in kidney transplants in Gurgaon.


Red bell peppers - If you are a fitness lover, you already know how nutritious bell peppers are and especially the red ones. If you take a half cup of chopped bell peppers, it is going to provide you with 1 mg of sodium, 88 mg of potassium and near about 10 mg of phosphorus. The low potassium levels make bell pepper an excellent food for people with kidney diseases. These are also excellent sources of vitamin C, vitamin A vitamin B6, folic acid and fibre. There are several different ways and which you can add red bell peppers to your diet. These can be eaten as a snack or appetizer or used as a side dish along with your lean source of protein.


Cabbage - It is a cruciferous vegetable, rich in phytochemicals that hold the potential to damage the free radicals which can otherwise destroy your kidneys. Not only this, phytochemicals are known to alleviate cellular damage that has been associated with renal malignancies. Cabbage is loaded with Vitamin K & C, and is also a great source of fibre. Unlike bell peppers, cabbage is affordable and can be easily consumed on a regular basis. If you are on dialysis, you should opt for steamed or boiled red cabbage.


Cauliflower - It is a great source of vitamin C and can also help you to meet your daily late and fibre requirements. Eating cauliflower can help to lower the cellular damage in the liver by helping to neutralize the toxins that can trigger abnormal genetic mutations which can lead to cancer. This is because cauliflower is packed with indoles, glucosinolates and thiocyanates. You can take it with boiled vegetables, add it to pasta or take it in mashed or baked form.


Garlic - A single clove of garlic contains 1 mg of sodium, 12 mg of potassium and 4mg of phosphorus. Known for its anti-microbial properties, garlic can help to bring down inflammation and maintain healthy cholesterol levels. You can add garlic to your dad and many different ways. It can be used as it is or in minced or paste form. Garlic is usually used while cooking normal Indian meals as it adds a very beautiful flavour and fragrance.


Onions - An essential component of every major Indian meal, onions can be used in cooking or eaten with salads and chutneys. The strong smell of onions comes is due to the sulphur compounds and it is the flavonoids that are responsible for making you cry when you cut onions. Since onions are low in potassium they are really good for people with kidney diseases. The chromium present in it helps in metabolizing carbohydrates, fats and proteins.


Before you plan on adding any of these to your diet, make sure that you at least consult your doctor once. You can find the top Kidney specialist in the best hospital in Gurgaon who can guide you on every step.

Dr. Sumit Sharma, Director and Head of the Department

Urology, Uro-Oncology, Andrology, Uro-Robotics

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