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Department of Anaesthesia

The Department of Anaesthesia at SHALBY Sanar International Hospitals is a vital component of the healthcare system, providing indispensable services that ensure patient comfort, safety, and successful medical procedures. The team, often operating behind the scenes, is responsible for administering Anaesthesia, monitoring patients throughout medical procedures, and managing pain.

Specialized Anaesthesia Services
The Department of Anaesthesia at SHALBY Sanar International Hospitals offers a wide range of specialized Anaesthesia services, including:

  • General Anaesthesia: Used for various surgical procedures, general Anaesthesia renders the patient unconscious, ensuring pain relief and immobilization throughout the surgery.
  • Regional Anaesthesia: Regional techniques, such as epidural or spinal Anaesthesia, are administered to block pain signals to specific areas of the body, commonly used in obstetrics and orthopaedic procedures.
  • Local Anaesthesia: Local Anaesthesia involves the numbing of a specific area of the body where minor procedures or surgeries are performed, typically without affecting the patient's consciousness.
  • Monitored Anaesthesia Care (MAC): MAC Anaesthesia is employed for certain procedures that require the patient to be in a state of minimal sedation and comfort while remaining responsive to verbal or tactile stimuli.
  • Pediatric Anaesthesia: Anaesthesia specialists in the department are trained to provide safe and effective Anaesthesia for paediatric patients, addressing the unique needs and considerations of children.

The Role of the Department of Anaesthesia
The Department of Anaesthesia plays a pivotal role in ensuring the comfort and safety of patients undergoing a wide array of medical procedures, surgeries, and interventions. Its primary objectives encompass:

  • Administering Anaesthesia: One of the central roles of the Anaesthesia department is to administer Anaesthesia to patients undergoing surgery or certain medical procedures. Anaesthesia is used to induce a state of unconsciousness, alleviate pain, and ensure patient comfort during these interventions.
  • Pain Management: Anaesthesia specialists are experts in managing pain. They not only administer Anaesthesia for surgery but also play a vital role in managing pain during and after surgical procedures. This includes tailoring pain relief methods to each patient's needs.
  • Patient Assessment: Before any surgery or procedure requiring Anaesthesia, patients undergo a thorough preoperative assessment by Anaesthesia professionals. This assessment evaluates the patient's overall health, medical history, and any specific factors that may impact their Anaesthesia or surgical experience.
  • Anaesthesia Plan Development: Based on the preoperative assessment, Anaesthesia providers create individualized Anaesthesia plans for each patient. These plans take into account the type of surgery or procedure, the patient's medical condition, and any potential risks or complications.
  • Monitoring Vital Signs: During surgery or procedures under Anaesthesia, the Anaesthesia team continuously monitors the patient's vital signs. This includes tracking heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen levels, and other critical parameters to ensure the patient's safety and well-being.
  • Airway Management: Anaesthesia professionals are skilled in managing the patient's airway, ensuring that the patient can breathe properly while under Anaesthesia. This includes intubation and extubation procedures as needed.
  • Intraoperative Care: Throughout the surgery or procedure, Anaesthesia providers remain vigilant, making real-time adjustments to Anaesthesia levels and medications as necessary to maintain the patient's Anaesthesia depth and vital signs within safe parameters.
  • Emergent Response: In the event of unexpected complications or emergencies during surgery, Anaesthesia providers are often the first responders. Their quick thinking and expertise can make a crucial difference in stabilizing the patient.

Highly Trained Anaesthesia Personnel
The Department of Anaesthesia at SHALBY Sanar International Hospitals is staffed by a team of highly qualified and experienced Anaesthesia professionals, including:

  • Anaesthesiologists: These medical doctors specialize in Anaesthesia and perioperative care, overseeing all aspects of the patient's Anaesthesia management, from pre-operative assessment to post-operative care.
  • Certified Registered Nurse Anaesthetists (CRNAs): CRNAs are advanced practice nurses with specialized training in Anaesthesia. They work closely with anaesthesiologists to administer Anaesthesia and monitor patients during procedures.
  • Anaesthesia Technicians: Technicians provide essential support to Anaesthesia providers by preparing equipment, ensuring its proper functioning, and assisting with patient monitoring.

The department's professionals are dedicated to staying updated with the latest advancements in Anaesthesia techniques, safety protocols, and medical technology to ensure the highest level of patient care.

Cutting-Edge Anaesthesia Technology
Key technological advancements in the department include:

  • Anaesthesia Machines: Modern Anaesthesia machines incorporate advanced monitoring capabilities, ensuring precise control of anaesthetic agents and the patient's vital signs.
  • Monitoring Devices: Advanced monitoring devices continuously track the patient's heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, and other vital parameters, enabling rapid detection and response to any changes during the procedure.
  • Ultrasound-Guided Regional Anaesthesia: Ultrasound technology is used to visualize nerves and guide the precise placement of regional Anaesthesia, enhancing the safety and effectiveness of these techniques.
  • Electronic Health Records (EHRs): Comprehensive EHR systems allow for seamless information exchange between Anaesthesia providers and other medical professionals, ensuring a complete patient history and enhancing patient safety.
  • Pain Management Modalities: The department offers advanced pain management techniques, including patient-controlled analgesia (PCA) pumps and continuous peripheral nerve blocks, to ensure patients' post-operative comfort.

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What range of anaesthetic services does Sanar International Hospitals offer?

Sanar International Hospitals provides a comprehensive range of anaesthetic services, including general anaesthesia, regional anaesthesia, local anaesthesia, and sedation techniques. These services are tailored for various surgical procedures, ensuring patient comfort and safety.

How experienced are the anaesthesiologists at Sanar International Hospitals?

The Department of Anaesthesia at Sanar International Hospitals is comprised of a team of highly experienced and qualified anaesthesiologists. They have extensive training in delivering safe and effective anaesthesia for a wide range of surgical procedures.

What kind of pre-operative evaluation is done at Sanar International Hospitals?

At Sanar International Hospitals, a thorough pre-operative evaluation is conducted by the anaesthesia team. This includes reviewing the patient's medical history, conducting physical examinations, and evaluating any specific needs or risks associated with anaesthesia.

How does Sanar International Hospitals ensure patient safety during anaesthesia?

Patient safety is a top priority at Sanar International Hospitals. The anaesthesia team utilizes advanced monitoring equipment and follows strict protocols to ensure patient safety throughout the anaesthetic procedure.

Are there any special anaesthesia services for children at Sanar International Hospitals?

Yes, Sanar International Hospitals offers specialized paediatric anaesthesia services. Their anaesthesiologists are trained to provide age-appropriate anaesthesia care for infants and children, ensuring their safety and comfort.

What types of pain management services are available at Sanar International Hospitals?

Sanar International Hospitals provides various pain management services, including epidural injections, nerve blocks, and other advanced pain relief techniques. These services are managed by experienced anaesthesiologists.

How does the anaesthesia team at Sanar International Hospitals handle emergencies?

The Department of Anaesthesia at Sanar International Hospitals is well-equipped to handle emergencies. The team is trained in advanced life support and rapid response techniques to manage any unforeseen complications during surgery.

What is the role of anaesthesiologists in post-operative care at Sanar International Hospitals?

At Sanar International Hospitals, anaesthesiologists play a crucial role in post-operative care. They monitor patients' recovery from anaesthesia, manage pain, and ensure a smooth transition to post-operative wards.

Can patients at Sanar International Hospitals choose their type of anaesthesia?

The choice of anaesthesia at Sanar International Hospitals is a collaborative decision made by the patient, surgeon, and anaesthesiologist, considering the type of surgery, patient's health status, and preferences.

How does Sanar International Hospitals manage patients with allergies to anaesthetics?

Sanar International Hospitals takes special precautions for patients with known allergies to anaesthetics. Alternative anaesthesia options are provided, and the team remains vigilant for any adverse reactions.

Are there anaesthesia options for outpatient procedures at Sanar International Hospitals?

Yes, Sanar International Hospitals offers various anaesthesia options for outpatient procedures, including local anaesthesia and sedation, allowing for a quicker recovery and discharge.

How does the anaesthesia department at Sanar International Hospitals stay updated with the latest advancements?

The Department of Anaesthesia at Sanar International Hospitals regularly updates its practices and equipment in line with the latest advancements in anaesthesiology to provide the best care possible.

What support services does Sanar International Hospitals provide for patients undergoing anaesthesia?

Sanar International Hospitals offers comprehensive support services, including counselling, pre-operative education, and post-operative care to help patients through their anaesthesia experience.

How does Sanar International Hospitals handle patients with chronic health conditions requiring anaesthesia?

Patients with chronic health conditions are given special attention at Sanar International Hospitals. The anaesthesia team closely coordinates with other specialists to ensure a safe anaesthetic plan tailored to each patient’s health status.

What measures does Sanar International Hospitals take to ensure the sterility and safety of anaesthetic equipment?

Sanar International Hospitals strictly adheres to sterilization protocols and safety standards for all anaesthetic equipment. Regular maintenance and sterilization are performed to prevent infections and ensure patient safety.

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