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World Heart Day Celebrations!


Sanar International Hospitals, had hosted an interactive workshop with a group of 60 cyclists, aiming to raise awareness about heart and overall health in commemoration of World Heart Day on September 29th. The programme commenced with a physiotherapy session which covered the significance of warming up, maintaining the correct posture, improving joint flexibility and preventing injuries while cycling. Subsequently, a discussion was held featuring noted cardiac surgeon Dr. Akhil Govil, Director & HOD, Cardiac Surgery. During this discussion, attendees gained insights on the significance of regular exercise, a well-balanced diet, adopting a healthy and stress-free lifestyle, and ensuring adequate sleep for maintaining optimal heart health. Dr. Akhil stressed the importance of caring for heart health, emphasising that minor lifestyle mistakes can escalate into major issues down the road. Cyclist Amit Daga, in response to the event, expressed, "Cycling is an excellent exercise for maintaining good health, and its popularity is on the rise among the general public. Therefore, the informative session aimed at educating cyclists on safe cycling practices was highly valuable. Additionally, imparting crucial tips for maintaining heart health was also greatly appreciated. By keeping these things in mind, anyone can take proactive steps toward enhancing their overall well-being. We extend our gratitude to Sanar International Hospitals for taking this initiative.