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Home >> News & Event >> An Iraqi national weighing 180 kgs underwent a successful Hip Replacement Procedure

An Iraqi national weighing 180 kgs underwent a successful Hip Replacement Procedure

A 42 year old Iraqi male with morbid obesity, weighing 180 kgs, was reported with pain in both hips. He has been suffering from this condition for the last four years. The patient was wheelchair bound and could barely stand and walk in the last couple of years. He was suffering from multiple co-morbidities. Because of his heavy weight, the patient had respiratory difficulties and sleep apnea syndrome, which made him hypoxic in sleep. To make matters more complicated, he had diabetes with very high sugar-levels. He was diagnosed with avascular necrosis of both hips with severe arthritis and was advised Hip Replacement Surgery. After all the relevant investigations were performed, a coordinated plan of action was worked out by the surgeons, diabetologists, respiratory physicians and the anaesthesia team.

Due to the patient weight, a special operating table was arranged to manage his body weight and position him for a safe surgery. His Total Hip Replacement Surgery was done in stages over a span of two weeks. The experienced team of surgeons and physicians at Sanar International Hospitals performed the surgery successfully and the patient recovered well. He is presently able to walk with support. After-surgery, he was managed by the intensive care team and was made to stand and walk the following day. While being discharged the patient expressed utmost gratitude and satisfaction for his treatment and life-changing outcome.