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Home >> News & Event >> Rare Case of Congenital Scoliosis in Iraqi

Rare Case of Congenital Scoliosis in Iraqi

Doctors at Sanar International Hospitals recently conducted a successful surgery for a rarest of rare case of congenital scoliosis in 15-year-old triplets from Iraq. After years of living their lives with mobility-related disability and other aggravated conditions, all three are now living a risk-free life.

The triplets were suffering from congenital scoliosis which was associated with abnormal growth patterns and physical discomforts as they turned 12.Suffering from an extremely rare condition coupled with multiple complexities and increasing risk of paralysis, the parents were suggested to get them treated at a multi-speciality hospital. After a long search, they finally decided to come to India and get their children treated at Sanar International Hospitals.

After reviewing their condition, doctors at Sanar Hospitals found one of the triplets was losing weight and another one had a hole in his heart. The increasing size of the curve restricted digestion and eating ability resulting in loss of weight for the triplet. Besides, the abnormal curve also led to respiratory issues due to chest deformity. All these issues added to the existing challenges of the surgery.

Following initial investigations, the triplets were lined up for multiple surgeries for 2 successive days under the expert supervision of Dr. Om Prakash Gupta, Senior Consultant, Orthopaedics & Spine Surgeon, Sanar International Hospitals.

Sharing details of the surgery, Dr. Gupta said, “Every corrective surgery took 6 to 8 hours and due to the sheer number of complexities, a team with multiple expertise was at work round-the-clock including Intensive Care Specialist, Surgeons, Cardiologist etc. The chest deformities were corrected with screws and all the surgeries were performed successfully with the help of highly advanced machines like neuro monitor, computer navigation system and ultrasonic scalpel, etc.

Dr. Om Prakash Gupta, added, “Being a congenital condition, associated complexities increased with their growth. Early reporting of congenital scoliosis is important as increasing deformities add to other associated risks with growing age. It gives us a big hope to see these children with a smile on their faces. At Sanar International Hospitals, we are very well equipped to treat any such complex cases and help our patients lead a normal life.”

Expressing their gratitude, parents of triplets said, we are thankful to the entire team at Sanar International Hospitals for giving a new lease of life to our children. And nothing can make us happier than seeing our children get back to leading a normal life.”