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Home >> News & Event >> From Despair to Triumph: Sanar International Hospitals Provides Complete Cure to Iraqi Youth After 7 Surgeries

From Despair to Triumph: Sanar International Hospitals Provides Complete Cure to Iraqi Youth After 7 Surgeries

Ali, a 23-year-old from Iraq, had reached the point of despair after enduring multiple hospital visits and seven unsuccessful surgeries in Iraq and India. Abandoned and without hope, he found a glimmer of light at Sanar International Hospitals. With the expert care and innovative treatment, Ali's life was transformed as he regained the ability to speak and breathe normally. His remarkable journey serves as a testament to the power of resilience and the unwavering commitment of medical professionals.
Almost three and a half years ago, Ali met with a severe accident in his home country. He was immediately taken to the nearby hospital, but during his ICU stay and intubation, he additionally suffered from Intubation Trauma and Sepsis. This caused severe narrowing and eventual blockage of his subglottic airway, resulting in the loss of his ability to speak and breathe through his nose. In an effort to repair his blocked subglottic airway, Ali was taken to multiple hospitals one after another. He underwent seven surgeries over a span of more than three years, but his airway kept blocking even after these consecutive surgical repairs.

Finally, at Sanar International Hospitals, after undergoing certain tests and investigations, he was diagnosed with "Grade-4 Complete Subglottic Stenosis.“ Dr. Kunal Nigam, Head of Department and Consultant, ENT, Cochlear Implant and Voice Disorders, performed Coblation-assisted Subglottic Stenosis with Serial Balloon Dilatation, followed by T-Tube Montgomery Stent placement. The stenosis was opened using Coblation, and then a balloon catheter was inserted and inflated to widen the stenotic area. After achieving a satisfactory airway, a T-Tube stent was placed. The procedure successfully opened his narrowed subglottic airway. The surgery was a success with no complications, and from the very next day, Ali was able to speak and breathe effortlessly through his mouth and nose.

Dr. Kunal Nigam stated, "Fortune favours the brave, hence one should never lose hope. Ali is a young and brave boy, who underwent seven surgeries at such a young age with no favourable results, which can actually break anybody's spirit. We should be thankful to Ali as well for his consistency and faith in the medical fraternity. It has been a very complex case, and Ali showed satisfactory improvement with his strong willpower. It was a complete team effort, as anaesthesia plays a crucial role during airway management.”

“I extend my sincere regards to Dr. Sabih Ahmed, HOD and Senior Consultant of Anaesthesia, for the successful results. I would also like to thank Dr. Aditi Agrawal, HOD and Senior Consultant of Radiology and Imaging, for the proper planning, work-up, and diagnostic imaging. Every nursing and medical staff has played an essential role in this successful procedure. Seeing Ali speaking and breathing normally again gives us immense happiness. I wish him the very best for his future” Dr. Kunal Nigam added.

Conveying his regards to the hospital and doctor, Ali said, "I am thankful to God for blessing me ‎with the ability to speak and breathe again. I have no words to express how grateful. I am to Dr. ‎Kunal Nigam and Sanar International Hospitals. I express my deepest regards to the hospital and ‎nursing staff for providing me with the best care. Thank you so much."