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Home >> News & Event >> A Five-Year-Old's Fight Against Severe Hydrocephalus: Bright's Journey to Recovery

A Five-Year-Old's Fight Against Severe Hydrocephalus: Bright's Journey to Recovery

Five-year-old girl, Bright Enjei Noam, from Cameroon, in Central Africa had a physically challenging  childhood. Her life took an even more painful turn eight months ago when she began to struggle with walking and experienced weakness in all four of her little limbs, decreasing vision in both eyes, and lack of speech It was heartbreaking to see this once-vibrant child practically confined to her bed.
She was unable to stand and her legs would tremble uncontrollably, rendering her utterly helpless. Owing to her physical condition, interactions with her family became increasingly rare, and her once lively spirit appeared to wither away during those agonizing months.
In her hometown, Bright's started her treatment for meningitis, a terrifying infection that affects the brain and spinal cord. Following that ordeal, she faced the daunting challenge of battling cerebral malaria, an aggressive form of the disease that attacked her very core. Throughout it all, Bright's innocent spirit endured unimaginable suffering as she braved it all.
Despite all the treatment she was subjected to, she was not able to recover and overcome her problems. Her parents got her admitted to Sanar International Hospitals, under Dr. Harnarayan Singh, Director & HOD, Neurosurgery and Spine Surgery. Upon her admission she underwent a comprehensive evaluation by the medical team to ascertain the root cause of her suffering which was diagnosed as Severe Hydrocephalus caused by a large tumour in third ventricle of brain.
This condition is characterized by the dangerous accumulation of fluid deep within the brain's cavities, known as ventricles. In Bright's case, Monro's foramen, the delicate junction between her paired lateral ventricles and the third ventricle of her brain, had widened. Within her third ventricle, a large cystic tumour had taken hold, its contents bearing a greenish hue and tiny fat globules. The walls of the third ventricle had also not been spared, as they were shadowed by the relentless tumor, bearing small calcifications as scars.
Speaking about the treatment plan for Bright, Dr. Harnarayan Said, “Bright's mother, a steadfast pillar of strength, was informed about her daughter's condition and the imperative need for surgical intervention. With a heavy heart, she attentively absorbed the medical team's explanations of the risks and potential complications. However, she also recognized that this surgical procedure was the sole opportunity for her child to reclaim her life. With unwavering determination, Bright underwent the surgery to remove the tumour.”
However, her journey to recovery was not without its challenges. Following the surgery, Bright grappled with recurring seizures, necessitating multiple intubations, propofol infusions, and sedation. Another hurdle emerged with the onset of Diabetes Insipidus and fluctuating sodium levels. Despite these formidable obstacles, her spirit remained unbroken.
Day by day, Bright's strength increased; the Ryles tube, which had been her lifeline, was removed as her oral intake improved. Her words became clearer, and her once-fragile body grew increasingly resilient. With each passing moment, her determination radiated even brighter, symbolizing the unwavering spirit of a child who had confronted the darkest of days and emerged as a winner.
Bright Enjei Noam's journey is a testament to the strength of the human spirit. From her darkest days to her hopeful recovery, her story shows us that determination, love, and medical care can overcome even the toughest challenges. Bright reminds us that hope always shines bright, no matter how tough the road may be.