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Home >> News & Event >> A 30-cm-long tumour removed at Sanar International Hospitals giving a new lease of life to Iraqi woman

A 30-cm-long tumour removed at Sanar International Hospitals giving a new lease of life to Iraqi woman

54-year-old Ms. Jinan Abdullah from Iraq was experiencing consistent abdominal pain, and after multiple investigations, a tumour-like mass was found in her uterus and ovary area, which is called a sex cord stromal tumour. The tumour was 30 x 30 centimetres in size, due to which a sudden fear of multiple organ removal and the risks associated with it crept in. She visited multiple hospitals in Iraq and later in India, and  was suggested to undergo HIPEC Surgery and Intestinal stoma removal. During one of  her hospital visits she was even recommended to undergo kidney removal. She had almost lost hope, until the time she visited Sanar International Hospitals in Gurugram.
Under the expert guidance of Dr. Archit Pandit, Director and HOD, Surgical Oncology, a Cytoreductive Surgery was planned, wherein the tumour was removed completely. The procedure was successful without any complications. Lymph nodes and abdominal fat (omentum) surrounding the tumour area were also taken out during the procedure. Ms. Jinan Abdullah showed an uneventful recovery, and returned to her normal, routine life.
Dr. Archit Pandit, Director and HOD, Surgical Oncology, Sanar International Hospitals, said, "We appreciate Ms. Jinan’s patience and perseverance , which led her to navigate through this challenging  journey. It was a 30-centimetre-sized tumour, and it is human tendency to be apprehensive about the treatment.  We are grateful to help her and  with the right set of treatments her journey was devoid of any complications. The tumour that once threatened her vitality was also safely removed. At Sanar International Hospitals, we believe in helping our patients with the right evaluation and treatment. I am thankful to our skilled nurses and medical staff for assisting in this procedure. We wish Ms. Jinan Abdullah good health."
Sharing her immense happiness post the surgery, Ms. Jinan Abdullah said, "I have no words to express how grateful I am to Dr. Archit Pandit and Sanar International Hospitals. They have gifted me a new lease of  life. May god bless all the doctors and staff here who serve their patients with great humanity."
Ovarian cancer sometimes have alarming symptoms like a progressive increase in abdominal size, bloating, loss of appetite, etc.  Ms. Jinan was wise enough to notice them and undergo timely check-up . Delay in evaluation could have led the tumour to affect other organs as well. Incase one notices symptoms which are not normal then they should not ignore it and consult a specialist at the earliest.