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Purpose of the Second Opinion

Confirmation is the key, especially when it comes to healthcare. Identifying the right set of treatment is of paramount importance if one is doubtful about the currently suggested treatment. An accurate second opinion leads one to clarity and opens a new door to possibilities. It helps to provide deeper insights about the multiple treatments available through bias-free communication with an expert. 
Fast recovery is majorly an outcome of early diagnosis and treatment. One has to acknowledge this urgency and take a second opinion if required. 
Feel free to take a second opinion from our clinical experts and eliminate confusion. We wish for your speedy recovery. 

How to proceed post-second opinion?

After you are explained and informed about the set of treatments available, you can proceed further and choose to go ahead with treatments available at our hospital or opt for any other healthcare institution of your choice. Your satisfaction and well-being is our prime concern. 
If you choose to go ahead with our hospital, then you can avail all our offered services like any other patient. 

Details required before getting an appointment for a second opinion: -

  • Test reports and previous medical records
  • Documents related to the ailment
  • Required test and examinations
  • List of all the previously prescribed and consumed medicines
  • Discharge summary if ever got hospitalized

How long does it take to resolve a query?

Although any query is resolved within 24 hours, but considering the complexity of the disease and severity of the case, our clinical experts deliver their opinion after a thorough study and review, which may sometimes take longer. 

Specialties we cover under Second Opinion?

All specialties offered by our hospital are covered under the second opinion.

What if my language is different?

We currently provide second opinion and consultations in English and Hindi only. The query has to be translated either in English or in Hindi if one speaks other than these two languages for better communication. 

Does my insurance cover under this second opinion?

Usually, online consultation is not covered in insurance, but you can have a clear discussion with your concerned insurance expert in this regard before availment of services. 


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