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Computer-navigated Joint Replacement

It is a new-age joint replacement technique that uses real-time navigation and advanced optical technology to replace diseased joint components with prosthetic components. This allows the doctors to position and align the implants with added precision, leaving no scope for any error. The procedure comes with multiple benefits, which include a longer implant lifespan, minimal blood loss, less scarring and faster recovery.

What is computer-navigated joint replacement?
The use of computer-assisted navigation has revolutionised joint replacement surgery. It involves the use of three basic elements, i.e. a computer, a precise tracking system and a rigid body marker. It allows optimal alignment when it comes to the implantation of the prosthetic components with appropriate cuts by allowing real-time surgical navigation. The surgeons can safely move the surgical tools without any unnecessary damage to the surrounding structures. The procedure is different from robotic surgery as this does not involve the use of robotic arms.

What are the different ways in which computer assistance can be used during a joint replacement procedure?
Computer-assisted surgery can be used in three different ways. These are:
●    Pre-operative - This involves the use of computer-assisted technology to curate a precise treatment plan for making it easier to perform the surgical intervention. This will give the doctors a better understanding of the procedure.
●    Intraoperative - This involves the use of computer-assisted technology to generate live, real-time images that guide the doctor to perform the surgery more accurately 
●    Post-operative - This involves the use of computer-assisted technology for in-depth follow-up of the patient post-knee replacement.

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