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Neuro-endoscopy Surgery


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Neuro-endoscopy Surgery

Neuroendoscopy also referred to as Endoscopic Neurosurgery, is an advanced technique that uses detailed imaging guidance to perform various neuro interventions through a minimally invasive approach. This involves the use of a special device known as an endoscope which is a long flexible tube with a small surgical camera and a light source. Doctors make tiny, keyhole incisions on your skull to access your brain or use a transnasal approach. As there are no large incisions involved, the procedure ensures minimal complication and faster recovery.

Who is recommended to go for Neuro endoscopy? 
Neuroendoscopy is recommended for patients with malignant or benign growths, such as:

  • Pituitary tumours
  • Tumours in the pineal region
  • Tumours in the base of the skull
  • Ventricular tumours

What are the different approaches used to perform Neuro Endoscopy?
Depending upon the location of the tumour, neuro endoscopy can be done using three different approaches:

  • Via the nose, also known as the transnasal approach 
  • Via keyhole incision on the skull 
  • Via tiny incisions in the back

How much time does it take to recover?
The recovery time for patients undergoing Neuro endoscopy is much shorter than those undergoing conventional surgery. The patient is required to stay at the hospital for a day or two.

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