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Deep Brain Stimulation


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Deep Brain Stimulation

Deep Brain Stimulation is an advanced treatment modality that works by delivering controlled electric impulses to certain areas of the Brain. The treatment is recommended for patients with complex Neurodegenerative conditions and involves the surgical implantation of tiny electrodes in the affected part of the Brain. These are connected to the Neurostimulator, which is implanted under the skin near the collarbone, with the help of insulated wires that pass under the skin.  The electrical impulses generated by the stimulator pass through the wires and reach the electrode in the brain, where they help to stimulate the concerned areas. 

How does Deep Brain Stimulation work?
The Brain is a complex organ that is made up of billions of Neurons. These are the cells that help to carry messages in the form of electric signals. Certain brain conditions can damage these Neurons, thereby disrupting the flow of signals, and giving rise to physiological and psychological disabilities. Deep Brain Stimulation work by generating artificial electric signals that help to regenerate the network of information, thereby helping to alleviate various symptoms and improving the patient’s condition. 

Who needs Deep Brain Stimulation?
Deep Brain Stimulation is recommended for patients with certain neurodegenerative conditions and movement disorders that impact their ability to indulge in normal day-to-day activities. These include conditions like

  • Parkinson’s Disease is marked by involuntary/uncontrollable shaking of the body, especially the limbs. The condition is progressive and can drastically impact the patient’s balance and posture. The condition progresses through 5 stages and cannot be cured. Treatment can, however, help to improve the quality of the patient’s life. 
  • Essential Tremors are characterized by sudden onsets of involuntary shaking of any body part. This becomes more evident when the patient is indulged in some physical activity such as when you are holding a glass of water or having meals. The underlying cause cannot be usually determined, but it is believed to be a result of an error in the communication network of the brain.
  • Dystonia refers to a condition in which the patient experiences frequent muscle contractions, leading to abnormal twisting of the body. It may either involve a single muscle or a group of muscles. The condition does not necessarily affect a particular part of the body and may be widespread.
  • Epilepsy is marked by frequent onsets of seizures that result from abnormal brain activity. Epilepsy can affect people of any age group. The condition is progressive and can result in severe brain damage. Presently there is no permanent cure for people suffering from epilepsy, however, treatment can help in the effective management of seizures, which can potentially cause severe brain damage. 

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