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Dr. Dinesh Arora is a competent professional with over 15 years of experience in Transfusion Medicine.  He has been associated with the performance of a diverse range of blood and blood transfusion-related procedures and has been associated with a number of prestigious healthcare organizations. He did his MBBS from IGMC Nagpur and Post-Graduation in Pathology, Mumbai. 

Dr. Dinesh Arora is well-versed in managing and successfully running the blood centre and transfusion operations. He is also proficient in developing procedures, service standards & operational policies for business excellence.

Award / Membership

  • Member National Medical Council (previously Medical Council of India)
  • Member Haryana Medical Council
  • Member Asian Association of Transfusion Medicine

Treatment Specialization

  • Experienced with a demonstrated history of working in the hospital & healthcare industry. 
  • Skilled in Transfusion Medicine and Healthcare. 
  • Strong healthcare services professional with a Post-Graduation degree. 
  • Transfusion medicine and Stem cell applications.    •    Peripheral blood stem-cell harvest for bone marrow transplant
  • Therapeutic plasmapheresis for various conditions including ABOI liver and Kidney transplant
  • Eryhteracytaperesis, Granulocyte harvest, and various other special procedures.


  • Received “Award of Excellence” from Indian Society of Blood Transfusion and Immunohematology  Transcon (2018, 43rd Annual Conference).
  • Quality Champion Award for JCI Accreditation. 
  • Best Oral Presentation Award at Transcon 2018 at Pune.
  • Bestowed with “Harold Gunson Fellowship” award in 2014 for ISBT Korea
  • Abstract accepted and published in Vox Sanguinis at ISBT London 2014 
  • Best Oral Presentation Award at Transcon 2014 at Patiala.

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