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Surgical Oncology

Surgical Oncology is a field of cancer care that focuses on various invasive measures for preventing, detecting, and treating a malignancy. It involves the removal of the organs and tissues that have been affected by cancer. The surgical procedures are usually major and vary depending on factors like the size of the tumor, the stage of cancer, and how far it has spread. Over the years, surgical oncology has become highly advanced with the use of high-precision technology and improved imaging modalities. At Sanar International Hospitals, we combine the use of advanced technology and the expertise of our specialists to ensure unparalleled outcomes. 

What is Surgical Oncology? 
Surgical Oncology is a highly preferred cancer treatment option that uses different surgical techniques to help patients suffering from cancer. Surgery is usually recommended when cancer is localized and it hasn't spread beyond the lymph nodes, i.e. during the initial stage of cancer. A detailed medical examination and series of tests, help doctors to curate the best surgical plan for you. 

What are the different types of Surgeries in Surgical Oncology? 
There are several types of surgeries in surgical oncology, the most common of which include:

  • Curative Surgery involves the complete removal of the tumor and some of the surrounding tissues. This is often paired up with chemotherapy and radiation therapy. 
  • Debulking Surgery, aims at removing only a part of the tumor, so as to slow down the progress of the symptoms and relieve them to some extent. 
  • Supportive Surgery does not cure cancer itself but rather aids other cancer treatments, such as catheter insertion for chemotherapy. 

How can Surgical Oncology help you? 
Surgical Oncology can help people in three different ways depending upon the goal of the treatment. 

  • As a preventive measure - It can help to alleviate the risks of cancer in people who lie in the high-risk category. This is done by removing the tissues or organs which are quite likely to develop cancer. Preventive surgery may also be used for extracting pre-cancerous growths. 
  • For detecting cancer - Biopsy, which is one of the most popular and highly trusted diagnostic modalities of cancer is actually a surgical procedure where doctors remove a small sample of tissue from a suspected mass and examine it thoroughly to look for the signs of cancer. 
  • To understand the adversity of cancer - The procedure is similar to a biopsy and involves the collection of tissue samples from areas surrounding the cancerous mass. This is done to determine the extent to which cancer has spread.

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