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Yoga with Wisdom: A key to physical fitness
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Yoga with Wisdom: A key to physical fitness

The countless benefits of Indian ancient practice Yogaare far beyond flexible body, although it may seem only as a set of certain hard to do Asanas but the wide spectrum of Yoga and its benefits start right from the prioritising health in life, it’s about over all well-being. Many doctors, fitness trainers suggest some of the body movements described in Yoga to their patients and clients as well. Now the questions arise, should we start practising it all by ourselves or an expert’s advice should be sought, and which Asanas are helpful in daily life? Let’s get some insight:

Work on the underlying causes:The basic intent is about healthy life. Before stepping into Yoga practice or any other fitness regime one has to work on the prevailing diseases (if any). Because in such cases you may not be allowed to perform some hard to do Asanas. Hence be regular with prescribed medication, therapy sessions and advised healthy diet, as Yoga is about enhancing better health not denying treatment.

There are some Asanas can be done easily with right guidance:

Surya Namaskar: This set of Asana with 12 steps itself is a complete package which ensures stretch of almost every part of the body. The downward bend and back stretch in this set are not possible in other daily life movements hence at least 2 to 5 set of Suryanamaskardone in a day are suffice.

Tadasana: The long stretch from toe tips to hand fingure tips in standing position enhance the muscle health and help in increasing height for teenagers.

Sarpasana: this Asan is highly beneficial for the people with back health issues. It also adds to the flexibility of the body.

Amid COVID pandemic therespiratory health of a bigger section went at stake. Some of the breathing patterns of Pranayaams can be followed for better oxygen supply and respiratory health, AnulomVilom, Bhastrika, Kpalabhati are some of them they:

  • Help to get quality sleep
  • Help in high blood pressure
  • Helps to Reduce the urge to smoke
  • Help in better lung functioning

People with severe Asthma, COPD and compromised lungs should seek concerned doctor’s advice. 

Ask an expert: An expert or a certified instructor is a better person to advise. Always perform Yoga under their supervision. Every health regime needs to be implemented with wisdom not with impulse. Take your time, let your body guide you, never opt for shortcuts, as Yoga is also about consistent progress.

Dr. Kapil Mago, Head of the Department & Senior Consultant

Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

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