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What are the Causes of Sore Throat and Eyes Burning ?
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What are the Causes of Sore Throat and Eyes Burning ?

A sore throat and burning eyes can be both uncomfortable and bothersome. Various reasons, ranging from common diseases to environmental irritants, might trigger these symptoms. In this article, we will look at the most prevalent causes of sore throats and burning eyes, as well as their symptoms, potential treatments, and preventive measures.

Causes of Sore Throat 

  • Viral Infections: A viral illness, such as the common cold or flu, is the most prevalent cause of a sore throat. These illnesses are very contagious and are transferred through droplets in the air or by touching contaminated objects. The viruses infect the respiratory tract, causing inflammation and discomfort in the throat. Aside from a sore throat, viral infections can cause coughing, sneezing, nasal congestion, and exhaustion. Rest, fluids, and over-the-counter pain medicines can all help to manage symptoms until the infection clears up.
  • Bacterial Infections: They include strep throat, which is caused by the Streptococcus bacteria. It causes a sore throat, trouble swallowing, swollen tonsils, and, in some cases, fever. In contrast to viral infections, strep throat necessitates antibiotic treatment to avoid complications such as rheumatic fever. If you feel you have strep throat, you should see a doctor right away to get an accurate diagnosis and treatment. Other bacterial infections that can produce a painful throat, such as tonsillitis or pharyngitis, may necessitate antibiotics.
  • Allergies: Allergies to pollen, dust mites, pet dander, or other substances can also cause a sore throat. When allergens are breathed or swallowed, the immune system reacts, resulting in throat inflammation and discomfort. Sneezing, itchy or watery eyes, nasal congestion, and a runny nose are common allergy symptoms, in addition to a sore throat. Both painful throat and eye symptoms can be relieved by avoiding triggers, using air purifiers, practising excellent hygiene, and using antihistamines.
  • Acid Reflux (GERD): It is a disorder in which stomach acid runs back into the oesophagus, producing irritation and inflammation. This might cause a sore throat and a burning sensation in the throat. Acid reflux patients may also have heartburn, regurgitation, and difficulty swallowing in addition to these symptoms. Acid reflux symptoms can be alleviated by maintaining a healthy weight and raising the head when sleeping.

Causes of Burning Eyes 

  • Dry eyes: It can occur when tear production is insufficient or tears evaporate quickly. Dryness can be exacerbated by environmental conditions such as air conditioning, heating, wind, or excessive screen time. Dry eyes can also be caused by hormonal fluctuations, certain drugs, or underlying health issues such as Sjögren's disease. Common symptoms include burning eyes, redness, a gritty sensation, and impaired vision. Dry eyes can be relieved by using lubricating eye drops, taking breaks from screens, using a humidifier, wearing sunglasses outside, and avoiding direct air currents.
  • Eye allergens: Similar to allergens that cause a sore throat, they can also cause eye symptoms such as itching, burning, and redness. Allergic conjunctivitis, also known as "pink eye," is a condition caused by allergens such as pollen, pet dander, or dust mites. It occurs when the body's immune system overreacts to certain allergens, resulting in conjunctivitis (inflammation of the thin membrane covering the white area of the eye). Eye allergy symptoms can be relieved by avoiding allergens, using cool compresses, and over-the-counter antihistamine eye drops, and periodically cleaning beds and carpets.
  • Eye Irritants: Irritants to the eyes, such as smoke, chemical fumes, or strong odours, can cause burning and irritation. Smoke from cigarettes, wood-burning stoves, or pollutants in the environment can irritate the eyes, causing a burning feeling. Working with chemicals or in dusty surroundings, for example, can also cause eye irritation. Relief can be obtained by avoiding smoke-filled situations, using artificial tears to drain out irritants, and keeping adequate ventilation.
  • Eye Infections: Burning eyes can also be caused by bacterial or viral infections. Conjunctivitis, also known as "pink eye," is a viral infection that causes redness, irritation, discharge, and burning. Bacterial conjunctivitis requires antibiotics, although viral conjunctivitis is usually self-limiting and only requires symptom care. Proper hand hygiene, avoiding touching the eyes, not sharing towels or cosmetics, and sanitising surfaces on a regular basis can all assist to prevent the spread of eye infections.


Infections, allergies, acid reflux, dry eyes, irritants, and eye infections are all causes of sore throats and burning eyes. Identifying the root problem is critical for effective treatment. While home treatments and over-the-counter drugs can provide temporary comfort, seeing a doctor is recommended. A healthcare professional is advised for an accurate diagnosis and targeted treatment. Practising good hygiene, avoiding triggers, staying hydrated, taking breaks from screens, using lubricating eye drops, and other lifestyle adjustments can all help to prevent or reduce these symptoms. Remember that your healthcare practitioner is the greatest source for individualised information and treatment options for your specific condition.

Dr. Kunal Nigam, Head of the Department & Consultant

ENT, Cochlear Implant & Voice Disorders

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