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Type of Orthopedic Surgery
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Type of Orthopedic Surgery

What are the different types of Orthopaedic Surgery?

Orthopaedic Surgery is a term used for all the surgical interventions that aim at diagnosing, treating and managing a wide range of conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system which comprises the bones, muscles, tendons, soft tissues and ligaments. All these work in coordination to help you move and [perform various day to day activities. Orthopaedic problems usually affect elderlies, however, with the increased incidence of obesity in younger people and the prevalence of a sedentary lifestyle, such problems have become extremely common nowadays. However, experts specializing in orthopaedic surgery in Gurgaon suggest that apart from age-related wear and tear, and unhealthy lifestyle choices, there are several other factors that can give rise to orthopaedic problems. These include congenital deformities or injuries sustained in an accident or while playing sports.

While some orthopaedic problems can be managed with the help of medication, therapy and lifestyle modifications, others may call for the need for proper surgical intervention. You can find the best hospital for orthopaedic surgery in Gurgaon, offering state of the art modalities for the finest outcomes.

Some common types of Orthopaedic Surgeries include:

  • ACL reconstruction: As the name suggests, the procedure is performed on the anterior cruciate ligament, which happens to be one of the major ligaments found in the front part of your knee. Sometimes the ligament may tear due to excessive wear and tear or an injury sustained while playing sports. There can be several other reasons responsible for it as well. The surgical procedure aims are replacing the damaged ligament with a small portion of tendon taken from some other part of the patient's body. This is used to create a graph that resembles the original ligament in structure and function. ACL reconstruction is not a major procedure and most patience are discharged on the same day. It may take a couple of months to recover and if you are an athlete you need to take at least a year of rest before getting back into the field
  • Joint replacement surgery - Joint replacement surgery is an umbrella term used for a variety of surgical interventions performed on various major joints of the body so as to replace them. The procedure is recommended for patients whose joints have degenerated drastically going to various different reasons that may include age-related wear and tear, joint overuse due to repetitive motion, traumatic injury or underlying medical conditions like arthritis. Joint replacement surgery may be performed using the conventional method or via arthroscopic intervention. The latter is predominantly reserved for mild cases of joint degeneration. Knee replacement surgery is one of the most common types of joint replacement surgery followed by a hip replacement. Other procedures include shoulder replacement, elbow replacement and ankle replacement. You can find the best joint replacement hospital in Gurgaon.
  • Arthroscopy - It is a highly advanced and preferred arthroscopy treatment option for mild to moderate joint injuries. Unlike the conventional surgical procedures, it does not require a large incision and is performed by tiny keyhole incisions using a surgical camera for detailed imaging guidance. Arthroscopy is primarily a diagnostic modality, however, if the doctors feel the need, they may introduce special surgical equipment alongside and treat the problem right there and then. Although arthroscopy cannot be used to carry out major joint surgeries, it is highly recommended to athletes and sportsmen as the procedure ensures faster recovery.
  • Ankle repair - Ankle injuries are very common and you can even sustain one if you are ankle twists slightly. Uncle repair is required by patients who are experiencing joint instability post-fracture. This suggests that the fractured bones have not fused properly and need surgical correction or repositioning. Following the surgical procedure, you will be required to wear a cast to reduce unnecessary mobility that can interfere with the healing process. You will be required to take proper rest and avoid indulging in any regress physical activity to negate the risks of unnecessary complications. Ankle repair is done under the influence of general or local anaesthesia depending upon the extent of damage to the ankle.
  • Joint fusion - The surgical procedure is recommended for patients with unbearable pain related to arthritis. It works by welding the two bones that are connected by the affected joint. The two bones are converted into one large bone. This adds to joint stability and relieves stress, but reduces the range of motion. The procedure can be performed on different joints of the body including the spine, ankle, feet and thumbs.

If you are looking for experts specializing in the best orthopaedic surgeon in Gurgaon, consult our team today.

Dr. Rohit Lamba, Head of the Department & Senior Consultant

Bone, Joint Replacement And Orthopaedics

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