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Kidney diseases myths that need to be busted
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Kidney diseases myths that need to be busted

There are many diseases that can affect the kidneys and unfortunately, there are a lot of myths revolving around the same. Experts from the best kidney transplant Hospital in Gurgaon suggest that it is because of these myths that many people do not get timely treatment and care. Wondering how the problem can be solved? The answer is simple - by busting these myths.

In this blog, we have tried to do the same with the help of an expert specializing in kidney transplants in Gurgaon.

Myth 1 - Kidney diseases are very rare

Fact - This is a very common misconception however you will be surprised to know that these are very common and can affect people of any age group and gender. The risks of having a kidney disease are further elevated if you have high blood pressure, diabetes or a family history of renal disease. Being overweight and above 60 years of age are crucial risk factors linked with it. Some kidney diseases are congenital while others are acquired later. In fact, some people may have kidney disease without even knowing it for a long period of time, mostly due to the fact that they do not experience any alarming symptoms.

Myth 2 - A person suffering from kidney disease will always present with the symptoms.

Fact - Although, we have already mentioned it in the last point, let's elaborate on it a bit further. This is completely false as not every person suffering from the disease will show up with the symptoms initially. These tend to develop gradually as the condition progresses. There have even been cases where the disease is diagnosed by chance while undergoing assessment or examination for some other health issue. This is the reason why doctors emphasize regular health checkups irrespective of whether you are experiencing any kidney-related symptoms or not.

Myth 3 - Getting tested for a Kidney Disease is going to cost you a fortune.

Fact - Fortunately this is false as kidney diseases, in the majority of the cases, are detected by simple urine or blood tests. These involve the collection of a small sample of urine and blood, respectively, and examining the same to look for any traces of a disease. If the doctors feel that there is something wrong,  further tests might be recommended. But this is only when your urine and blood tests show some abnormality.

Myth 4 - You cannot prevent a kidney disease if you fall in the risk category.

Fact - Although you cannot completely negate the risks of every kidney disease, you can surely elevate the same by indulging in healthy lifestyle practices. Falling in the risk category does mean that you have a high chance of having kidney disease, but you may not necessarily have it provided you follow all the recommended guidelines and take good care of your health. It is never too early, or too late to make healthy changes in your routine. Start today.

Myth 5 - The underline cause of a Kidney disease cannot be determined

Fact - Although this may be true in a few cases it is not the case always. In the majority of the cases, the underlying cause of kidney Disease can be determined and it has been found at two of the most common culprits are diabetes and high blood pressure. Experts specializing in kidney transplant in Gurgaon India suggest that kidney disease can also be linked to heart disease or a congenital malformation that has aggravated with time.

If you wish you know more about kidney diseases or how these can be prevented, consult experts today, for unparalleled care and guidance.

Dr. Sumit Sharma, Director and Head of the Department

Urology, Uro-Oncology, Andrology, Uro-Robotics

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