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ENT issues and Winter chills
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ENT issues and Winter chills

Fever and Flu are commonly considered to be associated with winter. However, this chilling weather has a wider impact on our overall health, and cough and cold are not always about the lungs’ functioning. Dry airways, allergies and infections during winter are some of the causes that may result in such frequent coughs and sneezes. 

The same cold weather may add to ear-related problems as well. From dry airways to the reoccurrence of earache, winters may even bring hearing ability issues if one remains indifferent towards these problems. Although, many of these issues are preventable, we need to be more aware and careful. The partially exposed area of our ears requires more attention. While pollution and dirt can add to infection and irritation, the chilling weather may even aggravate the pain which occurs due to the constriction of veins and vessels.

During winter, we may experience the following ENT issues :

Earache due to consistent cough and cold: Many people who frequently suffer from problems like cough and cold may also experience earache in winter. It is normal to feel a little pressure inside our air while sneezing or coughing, which is not painful; however, repeated occurrence of cough and sneezing aggravates this pressure which eventually converts into minor to severe pain. Therefore, people who suffer from consistent coughs and colds should also take extra care of their ears.

Sinus: People with sinuses need to cover their ears to protect them from chills. As we know, sinus in winter can get severe if not treated or managed. Many people suffering from sinus may report earaches and pressure in the nasal area during this season 

Old ear issues: Many people accidentally suffer from ear-related problems and discharge from the ear. Old wounds inside the ear, broken jaw bone etc., are some of the problems that may add to the pain inside the ear during winter. One may be completely fine during summer, but the same wound may result in pain in colder surroundings. And so, people with such conditions should take extra care and seek advice from ENT experts, especially during winter. 

Allergies and runny nose: People with lesser immunity are more susceptible to winter allergies. They may experience irritation in the nose, runny nose or headaches due to repeated sneezes. Cover your ears, avoid direct contact with air, and maintain basic hygiene. 

How to avoid ENT issues during winter:

  • Avoid direct contact with air, especially in chilly weather
  • Keep your ears clean
  • Consult a doctor for frequent occurrences of cough and cold
  • Be extra cautious if already suffering from asthma, COPD, sinus or any other old ear issue
  • To clean the ears' inner area, never use objects like pins or matchsticks
  • For better cleaning, always consult an ENT expert
  • Be careful even while using earbuds; don't get too much inside
  • Never put any eardrop inside your ear without proper consultation 
  • Avoid unnecessary home remedies; only doctors can recommend the appropriate treatment or solution
  • Never ignore even a minor pain inside your ear, delaying may add to the severity
  • Take extra care of children's ears

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