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Blood Pressure, Winters and everything you need to know
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Blood Pressure, Winters and everything you need to know

Winter has been associated with increased risks of many diseases and infections however there is one more thing that many people do not know about. Wondering what it is? The answer is hypertension. Are there is a drop in temperature, our blood vessels become more constricted and as such there is increased pressure on their walls. This happens because the reduced pace of blood circulation compels our heart to exert more pressure, to ensure that nutrient-rich blood reaches every part of the body. Experts specializing in CABG surgery in Gurgaon suggest that the problem is more common in elderly above 65 years of age as their blood vessels are already weekend due to age-related wear and tear.


Other reasons that can explain why people generally tend to have high blood pressure in winter are unhealthy eating habits and a lack of physical activities. This is quite evident from the fact that people usually tend to gain weight during the winter season. We cannot also ignore the fact that winters have been linked with decreased Vitamin D levels owing to reduced exposure to the sun, and this, again, is believed to be a risk factor for hypertension.


In this blog, we have mentioned some effective tips that can help you keep your blood pressure in control, this winter, with the help of the best cardiologist in Gurgaon.

Make necessary changes in your diet - If you are planning to resort to a healthier lifestyle, the best way to do it is by eating a healthy and well-balanced diet. Experts from the best cardiology hospital in Gurgaon recommend their patients follow a DASH diet. This stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. The diet is based on the core principle of eating fresh fruits, vegetables and lean meat. It also includes low-fat dairy products and whole grains in limited quantities. You have to cut down on the intake of salt as it can aggravate your blood pressure levels. If you wish to get a proper diet plan you can always consult and nutritionist or dietitian.

Avoid going out unnecessarily - Cold weather can lead to constricted blood vessels so, one of the best things that you can do about it is avoid being exposed to cold. You should prefer staying indoors and avoid going out unnecessarily. This however does not mean that you have to resort to a sedentary lifestyle. Indulge in mild physical activities, like yoga and pilates, at home itself. If you like going out for walks avoid doing it during the mornings and evenings and rather go out during day time.

Limit the intake of alcohol and caffeine - Who wouldn't like a hot cup of coffee on a cold day? People usually resort to these two, believing that drinking these will keep them warm. However, you will be surprised to know that drinking alcohol and caffeine can actually make you lose your body heat faster. Yes, it is true, and this is the reason why the best doctors in Gurgaon recommend that patients avoid taking these in winter. Instead, you can go for healthier options like soups and stock.

Try to preserve your body heat - There are two ways to preserve your body heat - the first one is to wear warm clothes and the other one is to eat foods that help to keep you warm, and both are equally important. Cover yourself in warm clothes from head to toe wearing a warm scarf, cap, gloves and socks. Be very careful with your choice of shoes and make sure they are appropriate for the season. Avoid eating uncooked fruits and vegetables and rather go for boiled ones. Preserving your body heat will actually help to keep your blood vessels safe, thereby bringing down the risks of hypertension.


If you wish to know more about hypertension or want to consult an expert for the same, book an appointment with our specialists.

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