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4 steps to Healthy Knees
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4 steps to Healthy Knees

Knee pain is a very common problem, primarily experienced by elderly people. Although it is mostly associated with age-related wear and tear, there are several other conditions that could be responsible for it. These include underlying medical ailments and degenerative joint diseases like arthritis. Nowadays, the problem is becoming common in the younger generation as well and this has made it even more important to start taking care of our knees from the very beginning. 

The knee joint is one of the most important joints in our body as it plays a vital role in walking, standing, running, and performing almost any physical activity that involves our legs. Apart from this, knee joints also carry the weight of the body. Your knee problems can have a drastic impact on all these functions, making it difficult for you to indulge in normal day-to-day activities. Fortunately, the risks of most knee joint problems can be alleviated. Wondering how? Here are 6 steps recommended by the experts from the best orthopedics Hospital in Gurgaon, which can help to strengthen your knee joints.

Avoid pounding and twisting your knee joints - Different physical activities have a different impact on different parts of your body and there are certain activities that can be hard on your knees. These include activities like jogging, running, and aerobics, which can have a direct impact on the joints. Instead of indulging in such activities, you can easily go walking and swimming. If you enjoy taking part in such activities and don't want to stop, it is very important to make sure that your knees are protected at all times. You need to be very careful with the posture and when it comes to aerobics, avoid rotating the knees and hips as much as possible. Practice smooth landing, such that there is no direct impact on your knees. Be very particular with your choice of sports shoes and make sure you use the ones with cushioned soles. 

Focus on strengthening your muscles - Muscles are extremely important as they support the joints. So, the healthier your muscles are, the better they can support your joints. You especially need to focus on the muscles that surround your knee caps. Now, the question is, how can one strengthen his/her muscles? There is no rocket science behind it and all you need is to perform some simple strength training exercises which do not include quick and repetitive movements. 

Don't ignore the pain and injuries - Joint injuries are one of the known risk factors for cartilage breakdown. We usually tend to ignore mild injuries, which gives them enough time to aggravate and result in greater complications. Don't wait for the pain to kick in and rather get the injury assessed by a doctor at the earliest. You can find the best orthopaedic doctors in Gurgaon who can help you with the same. 

Increase the range of motion - Our joints tend to become stiff with time and this is more likely to happen when you have a sedentary lifestyle. To prevent this from happening it is important to maintain a good range of motion. There is even some evidence to show that people who have a full range of motion, or, are able to straighten their leg fully, are likely to have fewer knee problems as compared to those who don't. Wondering how you can straighten your knee? Well, it is very easy and all you have to do is sit down on the bed or floor, with your legs open and a pillow under your ankles. Gently push your knee downwards while making sure you do not put too much pressure. Repeat this more often.

Try these tips and see the difference for yourself.

Dr. Rohit Lamba, Head of the Department & Senior Consultant

Bone, Joint Replacement And Orthopaedics

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